years of happy memories

Coincides with the millennium, she met him. He called from behind her name, by chance, she glanced at him, have beautiful features the beauty, fascinated by temperament a music. The world that is so magical, hibiscus flowers are in full bloom in June.

She likes a woman, he was dressed in white, gave her a bamboo flute. She played a tune on her hand, and he clapped his hands. She seemed to come for him, and his presence was her destiny. He and she said "crackling, crackling", do not work the piano was beaten, he admires her for her hand, why can play a smooth music and curious, she his hand why can be pulled out like her lingering music. The same song, he played the tune, she played the song.After leaving, she thought of his hand, the harp is from the distant horizon, play hard, blue sky and grass a dialogue. Every time, he watched as she didn't leave the car, let her rest assured. He said she is the sky, he only do the grass. And she thought he was the sky, to find the rainbow together.

There is no more freedom than the clouds in the sky. He said she is the sky, is a cloud. She said the story and he, he and she said the traditional code of conduct. She first learned the reality and the ideal in his company. He felt that happiness is to give her enough material, and she felt that happiness is the enjoyment of the spirit. He thought she was too simple, and she felt he was pessimistic. But she knows that he is the weight of life in her life, and forever university technology, forever left to her life.She saw his efforts, the busy to sell the piano, but also took her to the theater, watching the music party. His busy, let her know what responsibility. It is on hand, and felt her hand, green sleeves after dusk gloomy. Who distressed who? He and she said a two story, are you kidding, she wrote.If there is, if she can, only hope that he don't say a two story. Everything is real. A robbery, she suddenly had a meet, she silly told him. He said to her calm to protect themselves, if she is willing to, she can fly, she belongs to the sky. She didn't understand what he meant, but she could understand, he said he would not be a stumbling block.

With his company, she feels nothing can be put down. By moonlight, sitting in a bicycle, listen to the crickets, see a number of new moon, full moon. He was humming a song, and she listened. That's their world.All too beautiful, the end is a pity. Until one day, she decided to leave him. She doesn't want to see him busy, too hard hong kong hotels. She is not sad, and she knows he is very sad. She doesn't think he'll have tears, everything is nothing. In fact, no one is against, and no one to stop. She felt tired, and did not know where to come to the reason, she decided to bet on a. All the day is doomed, he is the grass, a worthy of the grass.Not why? He promised her that she is free, and always the bride. What call forever bride, she does not understand? He is her life's seer, give the most beautiful years of happy memories.

Several years later, he called back from behind her. This time, she looked at him, bit by bit in the memories of the past. Unfortunately, she recovered, he and she didn't hold hands. He still affectionately call her name, she looked at his hand, be bold. She asked him to take a key, open strings, played a "practice" fluttering flowers, voiceless.She used the dust laden hands, still according to the chord. She told him that she found the feeling, the main melody part of the accompaniment to the clear, weak from the bar to light, compared with that time more feeling. Who is playing in the house? Song "flowers", is her hand, but not her hands, but a personal promise for another person, lingering fingers and a que Chai tou Feng, the most beautiful always miss repay into pain.


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here is a piece of land of amorous feelings in city

New Year's firecrackers have disappeared You beauty in the brilliant last night, the stars, the earth regained consciousness in the sound, and enter the beginning of a new cycle, a year of the start of the season, spring. My window is considered by many foreign tourists as a fairy tale place, quietly into the spring.

First, my window is not the spring season! My window and as elsewhere in xishuangbanna, the style of green is unchanged all the year round, lush, towering trees, small trees, dazzling flowers, spread on the grass on the ground, the color of nature is very solid, slips from the sky to the ground again. Spring north travel here, if not walk in my window, will be surprised by the strange nature, thought it was enchanted. Northland scenery changes with seasons, each season has its own color, as one of the joys and sorrows, there is a window with me. Here four spring-like, bloom of green, green world, the twittering of birds and flowers. The four seasons such as song You beauty.

Office is located in my window, deep in the woods where small but magical and beautiful, this is not my personal word of overflow is opposite to the port by cruise tourists, in clearance of the ship, such as the rain forest with strewn at random discretion, some like walking into a fantasy dream, forget what is the purpose of, with the natural magic, walked to the depths of the forest, a few steps, gradually see more and more trees cut up the sunshine sprinkled on the covered with green grass of the earth, the outline of the beautiful elegantly abstract. Suddenly, a sea of flowers, the world of colorful, colorful.

Visitors to see the sea, aghast, all cannot help asking, this season is not the spring? In fairy tales! Tall trees dense leaf green, the flowers under the tree, the leaves are purple, dark purple, talk about violet, purple, ZiQi, very expensive gas, leaves strips, micro gold show lines, as if to show off the abundance of nature. The north to see the scene like feel very magical, not comfortable spring, spring one hundred kinds of flowers and seasonal rule runs counter to still in full bloom, flowers bloom, delicate and charming as fire You beauty.

Red passion hot JiGuanZi/heat, bold and unrestrained, like flame girl lit the nature of passion; Kelly low-key dependent people and wild leopard, charming enchanting and moving, as if just practice into fox demon in one thousand; Golden pride on to flowers, every flower opening in the leaves, aloof and with extraordinary temperament; Purple pink low-key and gorgeous bougainvillea weak but strong, ordinary and amorous feelings, deduces youth and the myth of the bloom, bloom all the year round, like a day, beauty is a hard work; Rich peony, pink petals, a kind of natural and graceful atmosphere, riches and honour and not high profile. Colorful flowers airtime, attract people, not just have a lot of chatter of the birds, worked hard little bees, lovely and clever little squirrels jumping, here is a piece of land of amorous feelings in city.

Flowers between green grass vibrant, paved with stone winding paths separated the picturesque garden, a small pebbles built canals wear and the garden, connected at the end of the garden fountain and a small pond. As opposed to a small pond in the garden on the other side is fountain, fountain is a two layers of office building, behind the building dyed light yellow, small building front desk with a small dai's architectural style, like a forest villa, my office is upstairs, I gently pushed open the window every morning, the fresh air mixed with all sorts of flowers and grass breathing out to earthy smells, and waves, it is not a trace of impurities, it is sweet, breathing the air of the cleanest, intestines and wash clean. Birds cheerful singing is the most beautiful voices in nature in the melody, and sometimes cheerful, sometimes slow, sometimes tactfully, can let a person leave a beautiful rhythm of bearing, the wind in the heart, the body did not his mind disturbed far already, as the voice that comes from nature into the serene and reposeful picture scroll.

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Under the streetlights lonely figure

Often this since this kind of difficult to express the feeling of loneliness I seem to have habits, not used to didn't also way, yes, I felt the pressure from all sides, sometimes really want to get drunk, want to shout, where no one release for a long time of hard to endure and suffering in my heart, what may be bitter, but the heart always feel depressed, I don't like to drink before, but recently is a bit like the feeling of drinking, the accident that day let me taste the harm drinking again, I defend himself in mind, it doesn't, it's just an accident wiom infant formula.

A person, a cup of wine, a cigarette, a pair of chopsticks, this is my life, the looks be like simple, but want to complex is not so easy thing.

Have become accustomed to the feeling of one individual, even sometimes shy feeling, that's probably because the reason of trachoma, can imagine to one side in a hurry the marching along the street, don't want to say my poor, maybe like me, just like the lyrics to sing, "so many lonely people, happy few", yes, happy is not much, I also see more wiom infant formula.

Of the loss of a lot of let me very can't accept, but can't, as I said to others, life is not so continue, one's life with so many regrets, often at this time you are always my greatest consolation, is the most worth I want to stay in the heart of a piece of green space, I really know and understand yourself, these days my life can't leave you blank, you must be in my heart forever, so just find a little peace of mind.

, just let it be, I have been very satisfied, I should be happy, have you I have nothing to complaint wiom 2???????

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beyond the hokage

Hokage silently over, is also the comic for many years after I have ever seen. He also taught me many things, taught me how to treat compatriots, with tolerance to accommodate all hatred. Love and friendship is the most important of all, although the hokage last year to two years of drama and I'm not so agree 貴妃護膚.

I also thought the hokage will continue to drag drag draw down, it seems I still with little to drive a belly, cartoonists are artist category, for their works of art, and also is to have the pursuit and love. B actually suddenly is very mixed feelings, indeed as expected or give me a lot of happy days.

Although I now watch hokage, but as the hokage is gone, I think I will still take the time to complete all over hokage again. Once again, to feel the don't like that once 職業治療.

B says I have to say my favorite comic, one piece. One piece also continues to draw, hokage has ended, and I hope I can keep the tail field teacher or style of painting, one piece through the 17 years is not easy, also very full, I have become accustomed to every week for one piece of that kind of feeling, very beautiful.

Have overtake series are also how much understand, such for many years, specific how many years I could not remember, anyway, for a long time. In fact, I don't believe in all the time to hokage, or not so like the first reason is that I like one piece. B had liked pirates and does not conflict, but if your point of view is no longer a reader but then conflict to the author.

In fact, I said I understand oda and kishi teacher feeling, that is not how many people believe it. I actually do one piece of game development and production, hokage game is our enemy, hokage game sentiment has been better than pirates game. For this thing, I try, I think we are gonna game makers have a little sorry oda teacher, oda teacher on comic achievements beyond the hokage, we continue to use his ideas didn't exceed the hokage彩光去印

B now ended, my first feeling is happy. B a mixture, the hokage was over, the game also went to an end. B: there is no new roles to fill, time will slowly over, the era of pirates half to go now, still can go with us for more than ten years. But the feeling is also a flash, I suddenly began to sigh with emotion, the hokage was over, one piece will be lonely.

A man of many years as a rival not as a rival, so your going to be lonely. This feeling has been lingering in my mind, I will begin to understand a word. A group of friends, may not be comparable to the benefits of a good opponent to you. Maybe it's just really.

B: bye bye, I will remember you. Bye bye naruto. Luffy will still be one piece of man.

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mother shed tears of sad...

The same eyes have different opinions, the same ears have different listening to law, mouth is not the same, the same heart have different ideas alexander hera pre wedding...

Is it because of this, life is not the same as the sorrow.

Remember reading junior high school of time, my father as a brigade accounting has often been town NongJingZhan borrow a/p villages. As long as the drink and go home, you will get f-ing hate; If the wine is a little bit, will put his marriage references - jump on my uncle also; If his mother, he will put grandpa to lambaste, as if to pluck from the tomb. We lived in a small town, then father often attracted by the roar of many onlookers. May be the better, later 'criticisms in the middle of the night. Many times, and my mother are all bite a tooth, don't let a drop of tears alexander hera pre wedding.

A lunar year, father sent yet in the middle of the disease, the bristle with Shouting, aunt heard that also live in the other side of the river. This time, the mother in the face of the corner fell in tears, she were still linger. As control, eldest brother all.and station into the room, his father received a "shout". Puffed up father stopped.

Gone now, mother, brother, they are gone. Looking back, tears.

Much transformed everything Hugh, desire language tears flow first.

My uncle in the provincial capital at school just dong do assembly the peasant movement in wuhan, lucky uncle dong's excellent students. Land revolution period, uncle as western hubei "owned by xing ba" revolutionary base independent division commander, now often victories, deep allegiance to his men, that refrain of the enemy autism treatment.

Before the third plenary session of the eleventh, has been wearing a counter-revolutionary hall the gu family's hat. That year, the month, how tough life is, it goes without saying. , suffer the most are the daughter is married to a home, poor farmers are still members of discrimination. Later, when the collective labor, TaiQi, dare not say, more afraid to ask for leave, leave work after home miscarried. Saved their lives, but dragged a weak body to continue to "work" labor. Soon, don gu's daughter was died mysteriously.

After heard that her daughter's misfortune, gu turn step three, is almost climb to son-in-law. She didn't see her daughter last time, came to the grave, crying tears dry. A few days later, in-laws and son-in-law with mountain sedan chair put her back to her home. That year the Spring Festival, mother took me to visit the hall of the gu. Listen to the hall of the gu, mother shed tears of sad...

Mother life not lived in the hospital, eat some cold medicine is a serious illness. Died that year, 76 - year - old mother, two head swine fed, have 2 acres of farmland.

That morning at 9 o 'clock, my nephew panting ran to the school to tell my mother is in hospital, call I go to the hospital. Came to the mother's hospital, the doctor told me that his condition is extremely serious.

Mother with a black, eyes closed, is oxygen while infusion. No matter how to call her, she is unable to respond to a gently, eyes also difficult to blink. The next day, neurological director of the county people's hospital doctor was invited to come to court, tell we don't need to transfer, affairs preparation early.

Mother is going to leave us forever, that a few days, I always keep on her side. Until the last moment, the mother's eyes still not wide, mouth also did not move, it is no different with expired. Is in such cases, the mother is left for the last time the tears.

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misc rambling

hen I said she was my best friend in HS, here is why:

1. we visited each other's homes.
2. we took walks (sometimes just the two of us) across Bklyn bridge.
3. we called each other almost everday. Whether it was about you or about anything else in the world. She always had an elaborative answer for me.
4. She was the one who first striked up a conversation with me in Mrs. H's English class. I asked her if she knew you and WC and yes she did. I even asked if she liked you but she said she liked WC and I got to be at ease with her knowing that there were no clashes. I am not the one to initiate friendship, but she was good at that and good at being a supportive friend.
5. She translated "Dite Moi" from South Pacific for me. I sang it without knowing what it meant..
6. She even showed me a mould of her teeth prioir to her braces (oh yeah and she wore them for a long time).
7. She was never shy or uncomfortable about making fun of herself. She introduced to me the idea of tampon. I was like "what???!!". (something I never learned to use until I was at my honeymoon when I snorkelled.) We went to Coney Island, just the two of us. But she got her period and she didnt' cancel on me but instead chose to wear tampon, I think for the first time. I was very grateful that she would do this and not cancel our 'date'. However, it leaked and kinda soiled her shorts a little. Afterwards she went home by subway herself and I thought she was such a good friend to venture out to my place by herself and go home by herself. I think i invited her to stay over but she declined.
8. I told you she introduced me the gyro. I even went to the store in steinway and met her mom. They talk like they are friends, which are kind of odd to me. They were joking with each other. Her mom had a big mole on her forehead, which she made fun of.
9. She also told me about eye crease tape. Another ingenuity I had never heard or seen. She wore it once, it truely was just tape!! She also showed me how to use eye liners.. wow. she really was way ahead of me.. I knew nothing about anything, I was so dumb!
10. She taught me about Bach and Mozart. Her favorite being Bach. She knew how to play piano and she had one in her living room, while all I had was dreaming of playing the piano. Until one day, I went to the Bklyn Mall (forget the name of it) and bought a piano when I was a senior in HS. Interest free. That is another story about how I struggled to buy a baldwin after daydreaming about piano my entire life. I asked her about that piano piece, she told me it was Fur Elise.   

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Graduation and moving on

At least once a year, there are a lot of graduationAsian college of knowledge management.

It’s a time when a lot of people move on,

from where they were, to another school or another class,

or out into a real worldArt Culture.

To graduate means to take a step forward, to move onward.

I can remember my high school graduation,

my graduation from university,

and even my graduation from graduated school.

Each of those graduations was nicemedia storage furniture.

I took pictures, I got flowers, I hug my parents.

I had the motions to moving on, I want to stay and have more fun.

But I also want to move on.

When we hear the word graduation, we naturally think of graduating from school.

But I think it’s possible to graduate from different places, or stages in life.

I worked in a company in New York for about three years.
In one point I felt I couldn’t learn anything else from the company,

where the people I was working with.

Then I had hit a ceiling, I felt that was time to move on.

The way that I describe that moving on is a graduation.

Some times we are thrown out into the world or to the next level,

whether we are ready or not.

Other times we get the truth when we want to move on.

I have experienced both.

I like the truth when and how, but we don’t always get what we want,

since we can learn from every experience that we have,

each experience can be a stepping stone for us to be better people.

I know that I take lessons with me every time I graduated,

but some times I can be a slow learner.

I wonder when my next graduation is going to be  

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