all my mismatched things

I don’t usually blog about the weird little things I do on my free time. Surprisingly enough, I’m actually really big into interior design. It was one of my career choices had I thought I’d be able to actually have a job, and not have to move to a big city.

So yeah…I’m constantly in a battle to make my living spaces look like I specifically chose each item to go with each other item, when I’ve actually just acquired them all randomly. My pet project is my bedroom.

I have a bedset that is a baroque design, similar to my pink heading above, in black, white, hot pink, and light blue-green. It was my inspiration, but I’ve only gotten it after I moved out into the dorms, which just happened to have a blue and green theme. Unfortunately, I just can’t get rid of all my mismatched things and buy all new things.

I have to make due…so I decided to make this box much more awesome than it was when I bought it.  

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I wanted and I love it

I heard about Cecilia from the Pulse Hair Beauty Laser Facebook Page. I live in Botswana and really wanted to get my top eyeliner done but there was no one here who did this kind of procedure. Naturally I was very nervous about having it done because let's face it if it's not done right, it can be disastrous.

I took the plunge made my booking. I walked in and met Cecilia who was just the loveliest person. I felt instantly comfortable with her and had a strong positive feeling about her. She explained the procedure to me in details and the technique she would be using. She had a look at the photos I had printed from the net and really listened to what my expectations were. She started the procedure which to my surprise didn't really hurt and only took 45 minutes. I wanted a thin line and I got what I wanted and I love it.

In fact a few days later I was in hospital having major surgery. When I woke up in recovery the nurse looking after me asked me who did my eyes and even got me to give her Cecilia's number. Two weeks after Cecilia had done my eyes I went for a routine touch up before going back to Botswana.

All my friends have said that my eyes look amazing (which they do) and I would highly recommend Cecilia if you're thinking of getting this done because she will give you exactly what you want, make the experience enjoyable and you will feel like a million dollars by the time she's done.  

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misc rambling

hen I said she was my best friend in HS, here is why:

1. we visited each other's homes.
2. we took walks (sometimes just the two of us) across Bklyn bridge.
3. we called each other almost everday. Whether it was about you or about anything else in the world. She always had an elaborative answer for me.
4. She was the one who first striked up a conversation with me in Mrs. H's English class. I asked her if she knew you and WC and yes she did. I even asked if she liked you but she said she liked WC and I got to be at ease with her knowing that there were no clashes. I am not the one to initiate friendship, but she was good at that and good at being a supportive friend.
5. She translated "Dite Moi" from South Pacific for me. I sang it without knowing what it meant..
6. She even showed me a mould of her teeth prioir to her braces (oh yeah and she wore them for a long time).
7. She was never shy or uncomfortable about making fun of herself. She introduced to me the idea of tampon. I was like "what???!!". (something I never learned to use until I was at my honeymoon when I snorkelled.) We went to Coney Island, just the two of us. But she got her period and she didnt' cancel on me but instead chose to wear tampon, I think for the first time. I was very grateful that she would do this and not cancel our 'date'. However, it leaked and kinda soiled her shorts a little. Afterwards she went home by subway herself and I thought she was such a good friend to venture out to my place by herself and go home by herself. I think i invited her to stay over but she declined.
8. I told you she introduced me the gyro. I even went to the store in steinway and met her mom. They talk like they are friends, which are kind of odd to me. They were joking with each other. Her mom had a big mole on her forehead, which she made fun of.
9. She also told me about eye crease tape. Another ingenuity I had never heard or seen. She wore it once, it truely was just tape!! She also showed me how to use eye liners.. wow. she really was way ahead of me.. I knew nothing about anything, I was so dumb!
10. She taught me about Bach and Mozart. Her favorite being Bach. She knew how to play piano and she had one in her living room, while all I had was dreaming of playing the piano. Until one day, I went to the Bklyn Mall (forget the name of it) and bought a piano when I was a senior in HS. Interest free. That is another story about how I struggled to buy a baldwin after daydreaming about piano my entire life. I asked her about that piano piece, she told me it was Fur Elise.   

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Hey guess what

We talked about Sex last night. As a future psychologist I'm open with this topic. And I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to this topic. I watched porn and read Hentai manga. My classmate would eventually shock at me that I know this terms and like that. Well I don't have the experienced but at least I know what's going on and such stuffs. :D hehehehe

Yeah I admit it I want it to happen last night. I know we are scared for doing the act. But I know he's responsible and very much concern of the consequences.
He asked me that night, why am I not scared of him. The answer is I'm really not sure ^_^
I guess it really comes to me that I trust him and I really do love him. That's why I want do it with him. I'm scared maybe that if it did happen he will walk away. ~~,

A survey found that most girls prefer when the guy makes the first move. That's what I thought last night !!! YEAH, I'm happy that he's making the first move. But due to Inexperienced or his alibi that it didn't happen last night. I'm not disappointed that it didn't happen. It's just that due to his inexperienced in this things his plans is ruined I guess. I think his projecting his feelings that night to me. He kept saying that I'm the one who's disappointed. Hey guess what? I'm not. Who lost the chance Last night?  

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Graduation and moving on

At least once a year, there are a lot of graduationAsian college of knowledge management.

It’s a time when a lot of people move on,

from where they were, to another school or another class,

or out into a real worldArt Culture.

To graduate means to take a step forward, to move onward.

I can remember my high school graduation,

my graduation from university,

and even my graduation from graduated school.

Each of those graduations was nicemedia storage furniture.

I took pictures, I got flowers, I hug my parents.

I had the motions to moving on, I want to stay and have more fun.

But I also want to move on.

When we hear the word graduation, we naturally think of graduating from school.

But I think it’s possible to graduate from different places, or stages in life.

I worked in a company in New York for about three years.
In one point I felt I couldn’t learn anything else from the company,

where the people I was working with.

Then I had hit a ceiling, I felt that was time to move on.

The way that I describe that moving on is a graduation.

Some times we are thrown out into the world or to the next level,

whether we are ready or not.

Other times we get the truth when we want to move on.

I have experienced both.

I like the truth when and how, but we don’t always get what we want,

since we can learn from every experience that we have,

each experience can be a stepping stone for us to be better people.

I know that I take lessons with me every time I graduated,

but some times I can be a slow learner.

I wonder when my next graduation is going to be  

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