just don't want to miss yo

One leaf, all youth, shallow time, picked up a piece of red leaves in autumn maple quietly buried in the book, leave a bit long for love in the heart gently collection office furniture.


When the wind across the cheek, the touch in chill, go back and, autumn has been deep, standing in the time of the ferry, using a pen, write down full paper ink, leaving a cho.

Autumn afternoon, always likes to drink a cup of clear water, listen to a song, gently music, read a story, in the shallow time quietly enjoy a leisurely life calmly. Like to read the fault verses of the elders, because in the poem can always find a party, a heart, a lovesickness, a little leisure office furniture.

"Sweet soul chase brigade, an, and night unless, leave a person good dream sleep. The moon floor high Hugh alone, wine into sorrow, acacia tear into". The ancients borrow wine lovesickness bitter, but I do not know of the bitterness of bitter wine, acacia has no intention, just one person. If the time to start, sentient beings, you pity, if the ruthless, think what meaning? What a "if life only such as first, what the autumn wind sad picture fan".

The best reason is met in the world. Buddhist said: "we regret this life met, former life after one thousand times of rub shoulders". Originally, with you is destined to meet, meet is not easy, love more difficult. "She found thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, that person but in the lights decayed place" is used, if decree by destiny, love to nature will become, if not, looking back, empty shadow attacks.

With you, and I met, that is, brush past, the margin of this life. "Find a situation, water the flowers and flowers", will ask you. You said: "there are flowers growing flowers, provence? Purple petals, the middle". A fool you just don't know, I love flowers, where is it CARES what kind of flowers. To have open flower, flowers and allow me to send you a piece of heartADHD Treatment.

"Choose a city to die, when a person with whitehead". And all the love, it is so wonderful, who also don't know when the move of person appear in front of your eyes. So believe what you said at last, chance to meet a like of the person isn't original, but too little. Perhaps it is, just have "wish one heart person, whitehead separation" of the oath.

Love a person is not easy, the changeless oath v. a less, with your "life and death is woven, and son, said your hand, and son xielao" has become each other's agreement. A rain, city people, hand in hand totally.

Love such as meditation, you such as Buddha, of zen Buddhism, Buddha in zen. Each other that never separate promises before Buddha, deep in the world of mortals have found a place, have you have me, cooking wine held, before flower moon, tired, tired, hold your hand look at the bustling thing in the world.

The world of mortals, rain lover delusion, only lone star month, I don't know time will set the sea change kuwata. West wind cold, worrying about city go-between. You may not know, fall in love with a city, is because the city was mystified people missing. Heart has been converted to modern concept, bustling crowd, crisscross, look back, just don't want to miss you.

Standing outside the door waiting for you, in the same city, dream, each other each other, each other, each other to smile, heartache to each other. A each other, it is no longer you, also no longer is me. At that time, hold your left hand, follow, a piece of the sea, enjoy together, a QuLe, listen to, a word, recite together.

The good times with you, want to quietly in late autumn; The past, carefully hidden in the wind. You v. huang ya no trace, together with you. Me time silence, and share with you.

Accompanying dependent is affection, is, your smile, a line of a check, will become the most beautiful memories. Deeply will stay time old, still can you read, the time, people have been drunk.

This season, filled with full of memories with you, autumn has been deep, if you do not love the world of mortals, put down, listen to the world the rapid expanding of zen is.

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Litter is a kind of rebirth

Hey, long time no see, are you okay? Do you remember that he had a dream? Do you remember the first time excited heartbeat it? Do you remember your own sweet love it? Do you remember the first time why cry? Do you remember the first time why move on
Royal Romance?

Do you remember ...... as my twenties, I have too many memories, good, bad, hard heart, solo, and in this post cross fork memory, I still remember my first dream "of becoming a pilot," now look, this dream for me, is a pity.

But never mind, at least once this dream with me ten years, in this decade, it gave me countless passion and motivation, let me cry to difficulties in the past period of years, have it good! Original dream, still clearly remember, but it has died, and I do not have much sad, since God took away my dream, then we will have a new dream in front waiting for me, wait for me to open up Royal Romance!

Ten years later myself, I give up the sky, into the ocean, I lost birds fly, but I got the fish travel! Not every dream is the best, most beautiful, but as long as there is a reason to convince myself, no matter what kind of dreams are worth pursuing me go! In pursuit of the dream of the road, we are lonely, do not say to me: "Young nothing to it." This is the case.

But then again, you're young, and what you can now it? Remember I once read a book, there are so many words: "! People from twenty to three years old, ten years time this will end sooner than we imagine," I did not agree with this view point , always felt very, very long time ten years, but today it seems, I was wrong Royal Romance.

Graduation from school into the workplace, I was twenty-something, now, almost ran three, and look back, they were still working hard every day for the original dream, doing the lowest level of work, holding the minimum wage, in society struggling, house, get married, have children, sometimes for me, it seems like a legend.

Hey, the flood of pressure gets in my face, I can calm myself at the moment, said: "? Young can not do nothing," Oh, put away the theory of self-righteous, right, get down to chase a dream in mind, though a little hard road but one day I will see that rainbow belongs to me, I will pull into the hand of love in my heart!  

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sorrow of his own grief.

In the bustling stream of people, who are not in their own state of mind to live along with the gender and comfortable; In order to survive, in order to adapt to the external environment nuskin hk, the various roles in life we have to go to chong to cater to the taste of shade, will meet in the world.

The beginning of the life is originally simple and pure, all false after growing. In the lane, we should have the heart is how much the cleverness; Buried love, but due to skirt around it; Smile, no one is difficult to clear its meaning; With a smile conceal inner sorrow; Use strong quite cover the fragility of the soul; Behavior so betrayed his true intention, whether intentionally or casually.

We shuttle in the life of people, no longer like childhood were straight speak their true thoughts, no longer like childhood flawless arguments, a strong competition in the depressed people can't breathe. Infighting between people, nuskin hk let a person always shivering in the speculation.

; This, procuring, let a person always careful in embankments and move forward. So our soul there is always a heavy burden and spasm of pain, there is always a feeling of losing heart attack. A lot of time, we closed our doors and Windows, hide your mind into the blissful tranquility or struggle in the secret of sorrow. No matter who, as long as he is in a space that belongs to his, he can feel free, then hate his disgust, worship their worship, happy with their joy, sorrow of his own grief.

But at the moment, the temporal noise is redundant, elaborate on the eyes and ears are just vanity, in your place, jimmy wong with the mind talking to soothe their fragile soul. The real world captured in nor will your mood at the moment. But, when you out of the place, and ruthless imprison his most real idea, to cater to the world of vain, far-fetched to elaborate the heart vanity of satisfy.

Want to let the human live true, really is not an easy thing; The authenticity of the objective environment will always exert a subtle influence on human nature have been deprived of, and make the man.

Time given the wild grass withered flourish of heaven and earth, the storage limited and thus develop the footprint of the false, make it more Michael more widely, the step, until the stampede to the people in the heart of the deepest pain point.

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