is Fried to wake the dream

Is sleeping in the morning after, not insomnia culturelle, but not the same as last night, to sleep after a dream, synthetic false shadow, let me sleep or awake, peal of chicken before dawn, is Fried to wake the dream.

In my sighs, to remember a few days ago haven't finished writing the sleepless in my hometown, wanted to mood to write again later, but how also can't open the pen, last night's dream, let me understand culturelle, the original is a kind of mood, less of family love, friendship and love. Didn't they interfere how can nostalgia.

- "the countryside"

Fled when the charge is the most thoughtful wishes, the chatter on the phone, like eternal poetry electrical desk, often write songs, often in the most confused when remember. That is the highest and most light beacon in the heart.

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beyond the hokage

Hokage silently over, is also the comic for many years after I have ever seen. He also taught me many things, taught me how to treat compatriots, with tolerance to accommodate all hatred. Love and friendship is the most important of all, although the hokage last year to two years of drama and I'm not so agree 貴妃護膚.

I also thought the hokage will continue to drag drag draw down, it seems I still with little to drive a belly, cartoonists are artist category, for their works of art, and also is to have the pursuit and love. B actually suddenly is very mixed feelings, indeed as expected or give me a lot of happy days.

Although I now watch hokage, but as the hokage is gone, I think I will still take the time to complete all over hokage again. Once again, to feel the don't like that once 職業治療.

B says I have to say my favorite comic, one piece. One piece also continues to draw, hokage has ended, and I hope I can keep the tail field teacher or style of painting, one piece through the 17 years is not easy, also very full, I have become accustomed to every week for one piece of that kind of feeling, very beautiful.

Have overtake series are also how much understand, such for many years, specific how many years I could not remember, anyway, for a long time. In fact, I don't believe in all the time to hokage, or not so like the first reason is that I like one piece. B had liked pirates and does not conflict, but if your point of view is no longer a reader but then conflict to the author.

In fact, I said I understand oda and kishi teacher feeling, that is not how many people believe it. I actually do one piece of game development and production, hokage game is our enemy, hokage game sentiment has been better than pirates game. For this thing, I try, I think we are gonna game makers have a little sorry oda teacher, oda teacher on comic achievements beyond the hokage, we continue to use his ideas didn't exceed the hokage彩光去印

B now ended, my first feeling is happy. B a mixture, the hokage was over, the game also went to an end. B: there is no new roles to fill, time will slowly over, the era of pirates half to go now, still can go with us for more than ten years. But the feeling is also a flash, I suddenly began to sigh with emotion, the hokage was over, one piece will be lonely.

A man of many years as a rival not as a rival, so your going to be lonely. This feeling has been lingering in my mind, I will begin to understand a word. A group of friends, may not be comparable to the benefits of a good opponent to you. Maybe it's just really.

B: bye bye, I will remember you. Bye bye naruto. Luffy will still be one piece of man.

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mother shed tears of sad...

The same eyes have different opinions, the same ears have different listening to law, mouth is not the same, the same heart have different ideas alexander hera pre wedding...

Is it because of this, life is not the same as the sorrow.

Remember reading junior high school of time, my father as a brigade accounting has often been town NongJingZhan borrow a/p villages. As long as the drink and go home, you will get f-ing hate; If the wine is a little bit, will put his marriage references - jump on my uncle also; If his mother, he will put grandpa to lambaste, as if to pluck from the tomb. We lived in a small town, then father often attracted by the roar of many onlookers. May be the better, later 'criticisms in the middle of the night. Many times, and my mother are all bite a tooth, don't let a drop of tears alexander hera pre wedding.

A lunar year, father sent yet in the middle of the disease, the bristle with Shouting, aunt heard that also live in the other side of the river. This time, the mother in the face of the corner fell in tears, she were still linger. As control, eldest brother all.and station into the room, his father received a "shout". Puffed up father stopped.

Gone now, mother, brother, they are gone. Looking back, tears.

Much transformed everything Hugh, desire language tears flow first.

My uncle in the provincial capital at school just dong do assembly the peasant movement in wuhan, lucky uncle dong's excellent students. Land revolution period, uncle as western hubei "owned by xing ba" revolutionary base independent division commander, now often victories, deep allegiance to his men, that refrain of the enemy autism treatment.

Before the third plenary session of the eleventh, has been wearing a counter-revolutionary hall the gu family's hat. That year, the month, how tough life is, it goes without saying. , suffer the most are the daughter is married to a home, poor farmers are still members of discrimination. Later, when the collective labor, TaiQi, dare not say, more afraid to ask for leave, leave work after home miscarried. Saved their lives, but dragged a weak body to continue to "work" labor. Soon, don gu's daughter was died mysteriously.

After heard that her daughter's misfortune, gu turn step three, is almost climb to son-in-law. She didn't see her daughter last time, came to the grave, crying tears dry. A few days later, in-laws and son-in-law with mountain sedan chair put her back to her home. That year the Spring Festival, mother took me to visit the hall of the gu. Listen to the hall of the gu, mother shed tears of sad...

Mother life not lived in the hospital, eat some cold medicine is a serious illness. Died that year, 76 - year - old mother, two head swine fed, have 2 acres of farmland.

That morning at 9 o 'clock, my nephew panting ran to the school to tell my mother is in hospital, call I go to the hospital. Came to the mother's hospital, the doctor told me that his condition is extremely serious.

Mother with a black, eyes closed, is oxygen while infusion. No matter how to call her, she is unable to respond to a gently, eyes also difficult to blink. The next day, neurological director of the county people's hospital doctor was invited to come to court, tell we don't need to transfer, affairs preparation early.

Mother is going to leave us forever, that a few days, I always keep on her side. Until the last moment, the mother's eyes still not wide, mouth also did not move, it is no different with expired. Is in such cases, the mother is left for the last time the tears.

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